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21 New or Higher Taxes Imposed by Obama's Health Care Law.  

And Many More...

Obama and the Democrats think they can fool you into believing they're tough on Wall Street when, in fact, most Wall Street money goes to Democrats.  

"One of the rare times in American politics today when a very clear, very tough message appeals all across the political spectrum..." Frank Luntz on Fox News​   

Where we Americans weep, they rejoice and intend to erect a shrine to the 9/11 terrorists they hail as martyrs. This offense cannot stand. 

Obama Wants Social Security for Illegals: Obama's plan calls for Social Security for illegals... and higher taxes for you.

Obama's Plan: Driver's Licenses for Illegals: Obama wants to give a driver's license to any illegal alien who wants one. The 9/11 plot depended on such licenses.

One of the Most Effective

Ads Ever Created...

Obama and Wright: He Never Complained Once
The preacher of hate that Obama followed for twenty years was the foundation of Obama's power base.

Public sector unions have been a drain on state budgets for too long--it is time to reign in the madness and stand up for the American dream.

See Frank Luntz' Interview with Megyn Kelly regarding the Union ad:

Every taxpayer in America already owes more than $128,000 as their share of the $14.2 trillion national debt.Every child born in America today is greeted with more than $46,000 that they owe as their share of the national debt.  

From Our Start In 2008, GOP Trust Took Matters Into Our Own Hands, Creating Ads to Expose ​What the Media Missed...And We Still Are!!  Here are Some of Our Most Powerful Ads: 

Remember This?

GOP Trust Started It All in 2008...

We Exposed Obama's Controversial Ties to

Rev. Jeremiah Wright...

This ad from GOP Trust gives credit where credit is due!  Obama needs to stop politicizing the killing of Osama bin Laden. The treacherous media leaks are putting our men and women in the military in harm's way.