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Michigan Democrat. Tlaib is endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a burgeoning left-wing group.  Tlaib will fill the seat formerly occupied by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers, who left office last year amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

Tlaib is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and was arrested two years ago for disrupting a Trump speech in Detroit.
She supports "Medicare For All", and a $15 per hour minimum,wage, abolishing the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency.

On Israel Tlaib supports a one-state solution, opposes United States aid to Israel, supported the Palestinian right of return and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. In January 2019, she criticized anti-BDS legislation proposed by Senators Marco Rubio and Jim Risch.
Tlaib argued that boycotting Israel is a right and said that Rubio and Risch "forgot what country they represent"; the statement was accused of invoking the anti-Semitic canard of dual loyalty.

Tlaib supports efforts to impeach President Trump. On her first day in Congress, January 3, 2019, she called for the impeachment of Trump.
Tlaib attended a reception for the MoveOn campaign and spoke on stage. She ended the speech recounting a conversation she had with her son, him saying: "Look, mama, you won. Bullies don't win." Tlaib replied to him, she recounted: "And I said, 'Baby, they don't, because we're gonna go in there and impeach the mother-----'."

“Women like myself and Ilhan Omar are very much critical of governments like Saudi Arabia and others that don't match the values that we have,” Tlaib said.

"From the beginning, many Muslims have helped build this country," she said.

Tlaib was arrested by police a month before Election Day during a pro-labor rally in Detroit.

Mehdi Hasan gave Tlaib an opportunity to clarify her “dual loyalty” comments. Instead of apologizing for throwing out such inflammatory rhetoric, she deflected to saying that any piece of legislation that suppresses the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement was anti-First Amendment.

She acknowledges that, for some in her faith community, she’s not “Muslim enough,” though she says she believes Allah — whom she believes is a woman if anything — understands. “As long as she knows that I am, um …  giving back and doing things that I think are reflective of Islam. …” she said.

Rashida Tlaib, a former state legislator who ran on a platform of “Medicare for All,” a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college. … Tlaib… represents the most logical path for the left to claim its seat at the table, both within the Democratic Party and in national politics: a candidate unabashed in her progressivism, politically skilled enough to implement it, and, most importantly, savvy enough to identify a constituency ready for her brand of unapologetic socialist politics.

“My mere existence, that I’m even of Muslim faith, is going to be a problem for them with or without me swearing in on any Koran.”

“I believe in secular government (and) my swearing in on the Koran is about me showing that the American people are made up of diverse backgrounds and we all have love of justice and freedom,” she said. “My faith has centered me. The prophet Mohammed was always talking about freedom and justice.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib made headlines for being sworn in as one of the two first Muslim female members of Congress on Thursday (alongside Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar), she told a cheering crowd about her mission against Donald Trump: “Impeach the mother-----.”

“A Hamas-loving anti-Semite has NO place in government! She is a danger and would not put it past her to become a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations has demanded she resign, with its Florida communications director, Wilfredo Ruiz, saying: “Her un-American, xenophobic statements establish that she is unfit to hold the commissioner’s seat. She must apologize immediately and follow up that apology with her resignation.”

Rashida Tlaib poses with Hezbollah-backing anti-Israel activist Abbas Hamideh… An anti-Israel extremist who heads a “right of return” advocacy group — and has equated Zionism to Nazism and called Israel a “terrorist entity” —

A number of pro-Israel groups raised alarm about Ms. Tlaib’s association with Mr. Abbas, including Stand With Us, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

“JDCA stands unequivocally against Abbas Hamideh’s radical record and his extremist anti-Israel views,” said the group’s Monday statement, which added that “we urge her to make clear where she stands with regard to Abbas Hamideh.”

In office for less than two weeks, Ms. Tlaib has already drawn headlines for calling President Trump a “motherf—-r,” endorsing the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, backing a one-state solution, and featuring a map in her office with a “Palestine” sticky note over Israel.

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Joins Radical Cast at Muslim Conference

Tlaib was featured guest alongside terrorist defenders and anti-gay extremists

Rashida Tlaib was featured at the Islamic Society of North America's annual conference alongside numerous radical figures, including individuals who have defended terrorist groups, openly called for violence against Israel, and pushed for extreme punishments for homosexuals…. Tlaib was scheduled to appear in multiple sessions of the Islamic Society of North America's annual conference this past weekend, according to a "tentative" agenda posted by the group, which has been revealed to be part of a network of groups launched by the Muslim Brotherhood to advance its mission in the United States.
Tlaib was one of the speakers for a Saturday luncheon where she was scheduled to be joined by Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King and activist journalist Mehdi Hassan, who just this Wednesday defended calling the creating of Israel "racist" and went on to accuse Israel of "ethnic cleansing."
The Democratic candidate also appears to have been part of a Saturday evening session titled, "Unapologetically Muslim," with a panel that also included anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour, who warned Muslims during the panel against "humanizing" Israelis, according to audio published Tuesday by the Algemeiner.

Tlaib's campaign did not respond to inquiries into whether it raised any objections to the candidate speaking with other invited guests. Tlaib did not hide her participation in the conference, sharing a post from an attendee saying she received a "well-deserved standing ovation" at the event.
Kyle Shideler, an expert on radical Islam currently working with the Middle East Forum, said the slate of speakers at this year's ISNA conference is indicative of its ongoing radical shift.

"The speakers attending this year's ISNA Convention once again remind us that despite their claims to the contrary, ISNA has not strayed far from it's roots as a Muslim Brotherhood group," Shideler said, adding that he views it as a mistake for Tlaib to attend. "The notion that any politician would treat ISNA's annual convention, populated by such speakers, as an acceptable place to meet and greet remains deeply troubling."                                                    

Tlaib was also criticized by the American Jewish Committee, although the organization’s response was controversial. The AJC tweeted a picture of Tlaib hugging a person wrapped in a Palestinian flag and wrote - “Tell us more about dual loyalty."

Tlaib is also well acquainted with Linda Sarsour, notoriously recognized for her anti-Israel activities and as a supporter of Louis Farrakhan. During the campaign, Sarsour endorsed Tlaib, and their relationship dates back years — to the point where Sarsour described Tlaib as a mentor and role model, a disconcerting sign given Sarsour’s track record on Israel. Tlaib has also expressed sympathy for terrorist and murderer Rasmea Odeh on Twitter.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Was Paid by Soros and Failed to Disclose It… Rashida Tlaib, failed to disclose that she was paid $85,000 by a George Soros front group for a “Leadership in Government Fellowship.”… Since being elected, Rep. Tlaib has provided ample evidence that she is bigoted toward Jews, such as promoting conspiracy theories about the influence of Jews on policies and questioning the loyalty of Jewish Americans.  She also has a map displayed in her office on which Israel has been replaced with a post-it note labeled “Palestine.”                                

She tweeted “Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Showing Up for a Palestinian Woman Threatened With Deportation.” The woman in question, Rasmea Odeh, was convicted of murdering two American students in a 1969 Jerusalem supermarket bombing. She was sentenced to life in prison in Israel, but was released in a prisoner exchange after serving only 10 years. She immigrated to the US, but was convicted of immigration fraud in 2014, after it was found that she lied to immigration authorities about her previous conviction. Odeh has since been deported.

Tlaib also tweeted her support of a visit from Islamic Relief to Detroit concerning water issues, although the group has troubling links with the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2014, The United Arab Emirates designated Islamic Relief Worldwide as a terrorist organization.            
Interestingly enough, Tlaib herself has questionable “loyalties.” Upon her electoral victory, she was filmed celebrating draped in a Palestinian flag. She also told the Huffington Post in an interview that she was proud to be in Congress for Palestinians in the West Bank, and stated, “I’m going to be a voice to them.” Can you imagine the uproar if a Jewish member of Congress celebrated electoral victory by draping themselves in an Israeli flag and told the press that they were in Congress to “be a voice of the Israeli people?”

This is not the first time Tlaib has taken the side of the oppressors against Jews. She also defended Marc Lamont Hill when he called for the destruction of Israel, and was in fact fired from CNN for his statements implying endorsement of genocide. ... At her swearing-in ceremony, she was accompanied by none other than Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour, who is known for minimizing antisemitism and had been blasted for associations with antisemitic leaders like Louis Farrakhan. Also in attendance was comedian Amer Zahr, who wrote “Palestine” on a sticky note and stuck it on Tlaib’s world map in her congressional office, directed at the space where Israel is located.

Last but not least, supporter of Hezbollah, and founder of the “Al Awda Right of Return Movement,” Abbas Hamideh, also attended and posted a photo with her. Hamideh has repeatedly shared his support for Hezbollah on social media. He has also made antisemitic “jokes” about how Jews should “stay in Brooklyn.”

According to Rashida’s mother, Rashida also has plans to run for President in 2020. 

It turns out that her mother, father and brother were all questioned by the FBI after the 9/11 terror attacks. This is just one more reason we should be cautious of Rashida.  In a 2011 interview(–2011-e1vpji)  with Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour, Rashida says that her family was questioned by the FBI after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.                                    


“Since Tlaib openly says ‘it has to be one state,’ and she ‘supports right of return’ - meaning she wants her uncle from Jordan and Arabs from other countries to ‘return,’ it is again clear that the ‘one state’ she wants is a state of Palestine,” PMW says.  “In summary, if there’s only ‘one state’ and ‘Palestine’ is on the map, then ‘Palestine’ is the one state and it replaced Israel.”                                        ,1

A Congresswoman Who Puts Palestinians First And Americans Second- Tlaib is proud to be a Palestinian; more proud of her Palestinian heritage than of American culture. Upon learning of her congressional victory, for which she was prepared as she ran unopposed in the general election, Tlaib covered her body in a Palestinian flag. Not an American flag. A Palestinian flag. In what is likely a historic first, a future member of U.S. Congress covered herself in the flag of a foreign people, not the American people who she will be sworn to represent. 

So what is this organization for which Tlaib is an activist? The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights is known for supporting the boycott of Israeli goods, a political campaign known as BDS, something that is vehemently opposed by bipartisan American congressmen, and by various Governors, as unjust, bigoted crap promoted by Palestinians and their supporters. They are also known for supporting The Great Return March, a Hamas-organized attack on Israel to “tear down the border,” “tear their hearts from their bodies,” and  “KILL THE JEWS.”   Tlaib’s friends at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights support the terrorists that Hamas claimed as martyrs and called for punishment of Israel for protecting its borders against the militant Islamists wishing to take over Israeli land.

Rashida Tlaib Is Not Fit for Congress-


Rashida Tlaib