The Democrat-media-industrial complex is in full attack propaganda mode and they are using lies to galvanize American voters against President Trump and conservative Republicans going into this election cycle.

Socialists chase Homeland Security Secretary from DC restaurant

Hollywood Aims to Undermine Fox News


​​​Leading Democrat says "No justice in the country"

Renowned Democrat and former advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Pat Caddell, made a remarkable statement yesterday on Fox News.

Caddell said that the Democrat Primary process was a "rigged system" for Hillary Clinton:
"Hillary Clinton has 550 delegates already using super delegates. They are elected officials and DNC members who were imposed by the Party as a way to stop outsiders" from beating Clinton for the nomination.   

Caddell also stated that the US Justice Department was compromised:

"After Lois Lehrner was not prosecuted by the Justice Department, after getting their signal from Obama and the White House, and the new attorney general is getting the signal now not to indict or do anything to Hillary... There is no justice in the country."

YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT IF HILLARY IS ELECTED IT WILL GET WORSE! Find out how by getting our Special Report on Hillary Clinton--for a donation of $15 or more, we will email you a copy of this important research paper on the Clintons and their history of corruption. (Get it via PayPal Here by contributing $15 or more) Hillary Clinton will win this election if we do not stop her--and fortunately we have a plan to do that!

THIS IS IMPORTANT--The mainstream media is in the process of rehabilitating Hillary Clinton's image in ways very similar to what they did for Obama--twice--rescuing her from any political peril. You may be thinking to yourself, "there is no way Hillary Clinton can win this election"--but she not only can, she WILL--IF WE DO NOT STOP HER!

And when I say, "unless we stop her" I really mean that. That is US and YOU--because there is no one out there with the political savvy and know-how to defeat her when the entire mainstream media will refuse to inform voters how corrupt she is. 

And we just witnessed a primer on what it's going to be like:

Last week Marco Rubio appeared on CBS This Morning with so-called "journalist" Charlie Rose. Rose was incredulous that Rubio had implied that Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi:

ROSE: "The CIA was changing its own assessment of what happened there during that time zone."

We know that is all a lie, most of us knew it the night of the Benghazi attack, but either Rose is so stupid and uninformed that he really

thinks that Republicans made up the Benghazi story to go after Clinton, or he is lying for Clinton--it is one or the other. Rose is the morning news anchor at CBS! This is disgraceful!

But this is what it is going to be like trying to stop Clinton, we are going to have to force truth-telling television ads every step of this campaign--and we cannot leave this to the Republicans--they will blow it. Sometimes, people confuse us with the RNC, we are not. We are the National Republican Trust PAC and with your help we have been fighting the Washington Establishment for seven years. We have made it more and more difficult for the establishment to impose their will on us. When Republicans have been weak, WE HAVE STOOD STRONG in exposing the corruption in the Obama regime.

WE ARE ALSO THE ONLY ORGANIZATION WHO CAN STOP CLINTON! I was a journalist and television producer/correspondent throughout the Clintons' presidency and have done more exposés on the Clintons than anyone, bar none. Now we must put that expertise to work. We were the first out of the box with a powerful Hillary Clinton email television ad, if you haven't seen it yet, there is a link to it below. 

We also had a radio ad that pointed out that she was the first to say that Obama might be a Muslim--she had to come out and attempt to deny it recently.

We are going to need many more ads like these to educate the voting population about how corrupt the Clintons are BECAUSE THE MEDIA WILL NOT DO IT!! 

But we can force them if we can push ads out that constantly challenge the media/Clinton narrative. We are preparing for a HUGE ROLL-OUT--but we need your help. We know that 75% of voters believe that the Washington Political Establishment is corrupt--and they are right, and with your help we can create a "perfect storm" in the coming election. 

As you know, we are on track to nominate an outsider candidate to be the Republican nominee, we have actually been working very hard on this for a long time, and you probably notice many of the candidates using our tactics this time around. We designed the strategy of going after the media years ago, and finally we have some candidates smart enough to use it. With an outsider Republican candidate running against the consummate insider Hillary Clinton, we can defeat her by making her 35-years of public corruption finally stick to her.

Look, this is not going to be easy, but we are willing to do what it takes if you are with us. Hillary Clinton has made it clear to me that what I am doing is going to get me in big trouble-her husband sent me a similar message back in the 1990's when I was pursuing him for selling national security secrets to communist China. The Clintons believe they have a score to settle with me and if she is elected she will try to settle it.

I am used to this. I reported to you when Speaker of the House Pelosi publicly called for me to be investigated for trying to stop the Ground Zero Mosque. And the Obama Administration leaked sensitive information about me to CNN about the same time. You probably recall how I reacted then--I pointed out that CNN had now told their viewers more about me than they had told them about President Obama. So, yes, I have a little extra incentive to defeat Hillary Clinton, but we as Americans also have a HUGE incentive to defeat her. In fact, I wouldn't even call it an "incentive", it is more of a DUTY to our nation. 

Many of us who fought for this country are sickened by what we see in Washington, and I am sure that anyone receiving this letter is too. So will you click here and help us defeat Hillary Clinton and get an outsider elected president? We must act right now, today, to create an environment in which she cannot win through media devotion and manipulation of the facts!

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October 3, 2014

"President Flexible" hands Russia Military Advantage

The State Department revealed this week that for the first time ever Russia has more nuclear warheads deployed than the U.S

This announcement must surely have triggered jubilation in Moscow and, ironically, throughout the Obama Administration as well. 

When Obama sent a message to Vladimir Putin in 2012 that he would "be more flexible after the election" we all wondered what that meant.  Now we know.... Read More Here

October 3, 2014

Stunning Dishonesty in the Only Way to Describe It

Yesterday Obama made a speech that was so dishonest it is out of reach of rational argument. This is what he said about "his" economy:

     "So it is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than when I took office. 

     By every economic measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office."

The stock market is really the only thing that is better than when he took office. 

But that primarily affects the top one percent, the very people that Obama has railed against throughout his entire time in office--so now he wants to take credit for increasing the wealth of the top one percent? What a staggering contradiction.

Read More Here

Democrats are Busted!!  Now we must make them pay!      
Our new "Operation Democrats Busted" is already getting traction!

Hillary responds to our radio ad --and the TV ad is equally devastating

Our next move is to create more ads, including using the Planned Parenthood videos to FORCE DEMOCRATS TO DEFEND THEIR OUTRAGEOUS MORAL and FINANCIAL CORRUPTION!!

We cannot make this point strong enough! We must define the Democrats before they define us conservatives going into this election year. We need to put them on defense now and keep them defending themselves all next year too.

THIS PLAN WILL WORK!! But a great plan is nothing without funding. That is where you come in.

The radio and television ads we have out right now (see and hear below), are powerful, but we need to add to it an ad attacking Planned Parenthood--and we have got to do it right away to help the effort to defend this horrific organization.   

GO HERE IF YOU ARE WITH US! (Or for your convenience, you can contribute via PayPal--our Paypal account can also receive unlimited personal as well as corporate donations.)

That isn't just Planned Parenthood on those videos, it is the entire Democrat Party! Normally, if there were video tape of something so scandalous as this, politicians would be running away as fast as they could, distancing themselves from the scandal complete with phony calls for an investigation. But Democrats are standing up and defending Planned Parenthood as though it is a member of their family--why? Because this is what the modern Democrat Party has become.

WE CAN MAKE THIS THE UNDOING OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!! And it should be--what they are using our money to fund is despicable. They are corrupting our morals, not just their own.

Right now is critical--we need to wake potential Democrat voters up to how corrupt and immoral the Democrat Party has become and there is no better time than NOW because soon it will be too late.  Help us Stop the Democrats Here!  (You Can Help via PayPal Here). 

The Roots of Clinton Corruption Exposed

There is extreme danger in the world right now to the US, most of you know that, but most do not know why--so we are going to explain it. 

We have some of the most potent and indicting evidence against Hillary Clinton, gathered over three decades.  Now it is up to you! 

Because of events driving the election and current national security threats to our nation, we have decided to release two more documentaries from the Bill and Hillary archive of corruption. You won't believe your eyes and ears--IT IS THAT SHOCKING!
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Communist China is making its move in the Pacific Rim to dominate that region--then do you know where they are coming next? Right here...the United States of America, China's Minister of Defense told us so: "War with the United States is inevitable; we must control the initiative in that conflict". Now you can't get much clearer than that can you?

There are two things you can do to help protect our nation, and you can accomplish both by clicking right here and ordering these two powerful documentaries -- because information about from where an attack is coming is part of the most important element of defense; and stopping Hillary Clinton is critical in the defense of the Republic!

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​Scott Wheeler's Response to Bogus Clinton Defense:

In an attempt to blunt the evidence in Peter Schweitzer's new book Clinton Cash, Brian Fallon, the Press Secretary to Hillary for America responds on a web video in a most illogical way.

The video is clearly aimed at an audience of lower intelligence, because Fallon says of Schweitzer: "he is a friend of the Koch Brothers", stating this as evidence that the book is not factual. 

You may be wondering what the Koch brothers have to do with the book or the author, Fallon doesn't say. But if that does say something at all, we would like to remind Fallon, and the entire Clinton team, that there are numerous Clinton "friends" and allies who have served prison sentences. 

Fallon also says that Schweitzer cannot be trusted because he was "a former advisor to Sarah Palin". So if being an advisor to Sarah Palin discredits Peter Schweitzer, what credibility does Brian Fallon have as a paid press secretary to Hillary Clinton?
The video also dredges up a former paid Clinton Administration liar, George Stephanopoulos to try to discredit the book: "no direct action, no smoking gun" says Stephanopoulos, who obviously knows better.

When the Clintons and their media allies claim there is "no direct evidence linking Clinton", this sets a standard of evidence that is unattainable as everyone knows. In fact, they are attempting to apply standards that are higher than what is needed for a conviction in a criminal court. But we are not even talking about a criminal trial, we are talking about reasonable doubt about the honesty and integrity of someone who wants to be the leader of the free world! The standards to disqualify both Clintons for that job was met long before the Schweitzer book.
We must gear up to fight their lies!