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The Democrat-media-industrial complex is in full attack propaganda mode and they are using lies to galvanize American voters against President Trump and conservative Republicans going into this election cycle.

Socialists chase Homeland Security Secretary from DC restaurant

Hollywood Aims to Undermine Fox News


   "Always remember that you are Americans, and it is your birthright to    

   dream great dreams in this sweet and blessed land, truly the greatest,        freest, strongest nation on Earth."  — RONALD REAGAN

You helped us defeat Hillary Clinton last year, but they are not going away.

They are trying to bust our Republic up and their forces are well-funded.

Over the past eight years, we have done a lot with very little resources. Here are just a few examples:

  • Our investigation revealed that the FBI was going to cover up for Hillary Clinton over year before it happened.  We told you who was going to do it and how they would get away with it.

  • Our famous Reverend Jeremiah Wright ads exposed Obama's ties to the venomous preacher when others were afraid to attack.

  • We were first in and last out during the debt ceiling fight producing and  airing multiple TV ads and sending hundreds of thousands of letters to  every member of Congress.


  • Our national and local TV and radio campaign ads and independent expenditures have elected dozens of true conservative leaders at the  state and federal levels.


  • Our cutting edge documentary Breaking Point that aired nationwide and in dozens of key states contributed to critical Republican victories in 2010.


  • We  brought the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque into everyone's living rooms and energized millions with our national TV ad.

  • Our explosive book Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You  to Know About His Czars exposed Obama's long list of radical czars and was the catalyst for public outrage, congressional hearings, and high profile resignations.


  • Our investigative team exposed Obama's stimulus money going to fund the Marxist Brecht Forum.

  • Our investigative team also exposed the many lies Obama utilized during the healthcare debate.

  • By blocking their attempts to pass Obamacare legitimately, our national and local TV and radio ads forced them to use illegitimate tactics, thus 

        exposing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.


Adam Schiff, President Trump's chief accuser on the House intelligence committee investigating so-called "Russian interference" in our 2016 election, has been caught colluding with Russian Lobbyists and seen on Russian Television in 2013 attacking the now famous FISA court. How ironic that for political reasons he is defending the FISA court. At left is a photo of Democrat Adam Schiff at an event sponsored by Putin/Russia lobbyists.

Help Us Air These Powerful Ads! 
These ad proves that what the Democrats are saying is untrue and it explains why they are the real traitors! 
We really need your help to buy airtime so that as many people as possible will see them!

   "Always remember that you are Americans, and it is your birthright to    

   dream great dreams in this sweet and blessed land, truly the greatest,   

   freest, strongest nation on Earth."  — RONALD REAGAN