"Always remember that you are Americans, and it is your           birthright to dream great dreams in this sweet and blessed         land, truly the greatest, freest, strongest nation on Earth." 


About Us

The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (aka NRT PAC and GOP Trust PAC) was formed to stop big government by electing conservatives and more importantly defeating liberals, progressives, and Democrats. National Republican Trust PAC is now widely known to use the most savvy political tactics and achieve results, launching some of the most memorable political advertising campaigns. 

Recognized in the media as the "powerful National Republican Trust".  We have held corrupt liberal politicians accountable for their treachery.

We say the things the Republican Establishment can't say, won't say, or is afraid to say.

Since 2008, the National Republican Trust has been iconoclastic in taking on the corrupt political class, the Washington establishment, and the so-called "mainstream media". 

GOP Trust is run by an eclectic team with backgrounds in journalism, military intelligence, and fourth generation warfare, enabling us to maneuver smartly in the complex and corrupt world of politics. 

The NRT is committed to continuing the legacy of Ronald Reagan. As such, the NRT PAC promotes a political vision that includes several core ideas:

  • Government is best when it is limited.
  • The free enterprise system and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of America's economic strength.
  • Taxes are a necessary evil and should be reduced.
  • Our national security protects our economic and political freedoms.
  • A strong national defense is the best way to avoid war and deter aggression.
  • Supporters of NRT come from all walks of life. They share one common belief, that America has been a great nation because of her people and their enduring values.