Here are the Results of our

June Presidential Candidate Preference Poll:

1. Ben Carson 42.5%

2.  Scott Walker 19.2%

Donald Trump 11.6%

Ted Cruz 8.4%

.  Marco Rubio 7.1%

6.  Carly Fiorina 3.7%

7.  Rand Paul 3.6%

Mike Huckabee 2.5%

9.  Rick Perry 1.4 %

10. Bobby Jindal <1%

11. Rick Santorum <1%

12.  George Pataki <1%

13.  Jeb Bush <1%

14.  Chris Christie <1%

In 2012, our primary polls  showed major surges and total collapses long before the other polls. This is your chance to give your favored candidate a HUGE BURST of MOMENTUM right from the very beginning. And it is almost always the early momentum that determines who the most competitive candidates are in the end. 

The poll winner always receives national media attention and gets a fundraising boost. Your participation in this poll can push your candidate over the top and onto the nomination.

To participate in our on-going survey, click on the candidate of your choice and follow the instructions thereafter. 

Carly Fiorina    Ted Cruz    Ben Carson

Bobby Jindal    Marco Rubio    Scott Walker    Mike Huckabee

George Pataki    Rand Paul   Jeb Bush    Chris Christie

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We cannot send moderate Republicans to negotiate with extremist Democrats--the outcome will always be a loss of liberty, as the moderate allows the Democrats to move us further to the left.

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