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             Is Republican History Repeating Itself?
It is amazing how history, and Republican mistakes, keep repeating itself. 

Following is a column I wrote for The Hill back in October of 2012. Notice how Republicans are making the same media forced errors they have been making for years. Please read it and then forward to everyone you know, and please participate in our presidential poll below, it is for the most worthy of causes--the survival of our nation!
In February 2001, one of George W. Bush's first acts as president was to order the bombing of air defense targets in Iraq--air defenses that were firing on US aircraft patrolling the no fly zone. Saddam's air defenses were being improved with technology from the United States and engineers from the People's Republic of China. Bush demanded answers from Beijing which at first denied any involvement but later, behind closed doors, demanded reparations for Chinese engineers who were killed in the bombing raids. At no time did then President Bush blame Clinton for authorizing the sale of this technology to China which was then being used to imperil U.S. fighter pilots patrolling the No-Fly Zone; neither did he remind American voters that Clinton promised -- before being elected -- that he opposed the sale of such technology to those he called "the butchers of Beijing" in 1992.  

You can read the rest here: http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/presidential-campaign/263569-republicans-victim-of-their-own-weakness
As always this is one of the most important polls of the pre-primary. This poll has been a strong indicator of who is going to be the next Republican frontrunner, and who should consider dropping out. Your vote is urgently needed and results will be published this week and released to the media--but you, will get to see them FIRST!!  

                   Here are the three leaders as of now:

You can help your favorite by adding to their lead or helping them to get back on top! Either way they need your help!  The winner of our poll will have an advantage going into the next few weeks of campaigning and could establish him/her as the strong leader.
         1. Ben Carson      2. Marco Rubio      3. Scott Walker

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Announced Candidates


 Ben Carson  
Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina
Mike Huckabee
Rand Paul

Marco Rubio

Potential Candidates


Jeb Bush

Chris Christie

Bobby Jindal

Sarah Palin

George Pataki

Rick Perry

Rick Santorum

Donald Trump

Scott Walker

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