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Mary Landrieu Votes with Obama 97% of the time!  We Can Fire Her on December 6th!! 

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This Obamacare television ad reveals everything the Democrats are trying to hide!  Help get this ad on the air now!

This Saturday, December 6th, is an important day. It is the runoff election for Louisiana Senate seat held by liberal Democrat and staunch Obama supporter, Mary Landrieu. Landrieu cast the deciding vote for OBAMACARE! She votes with Obama 97% of the time, here is her chief of staff telling a room full of Democrats:

     "[President Obama] can't finish his agenda because he doesn't have enough people        like Mary Landrieu with him... I'm asking you to go out and vote for Senator Landrieu.      She's been in office for 18 years, and in the Senate, that's what you need to get              things done. And she will go on to support Barack Obama 97 percent of the time!"

Mary Landrieu does not represent Louisiana--or the American people--she represents Obama, Democrats, and BIG GOVERNMENT!

  Let's Win Back Some Freedom for Louisiana!

    Help Us Air This Ad Throughout Lousiana!!

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