Leading Democrat says "No justice in the country"

Renowned Democrat and former advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Pat Caddell, made a remarkable statement yesterday on Fox News.

Caddell said that the Democrat Primary process was a "rigged system" for Hillary Clinton:
"Hillary Clinton has 550 delegates already using super delegates. They are elected officials and DNC members who were imposed by the Party as a way to stop outsiders" from beating Clinton for the nomination.   

Caddell also stated that the US Justice Department was compromised:

"After Lois Lehrner was not prosecuted by the Justice Department, after getting their signal from Obama and the White House, and the new attorney general is getting the signal now not to indict or do anything to Hillary... There is no justice in the country."

YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT IF HILLARY IS ELECTED IT WILL GET WORSE! Find out how by getting our Special Report on Hillary Clinton--for a donation of $15 or more, we will email you a copy of this important research paper on the Clintons and their history of corruption. (Get it via PayPal Here by contributing $15 or more) Hillary Clinton will win this election if we do not stop her--and fortunately we have a plan to do that!

THIS IS IMPORTANT--The mainstream media is in the process of rehabilitating Hillary Clinton's image in ways very similar to what they did for Obama--twice--rescuing her from any political peril. You may be thinking to yourself, "there is no way Hillary Clinton can win this election"--but she not only can, she WILL--IF WE DO NOT STOP HER!


November ​​​11 2015


1. Ted Cruz 33.9%

2.  Donald Trump 30.4%​

3. Ben Carson 15.5%

4. Marco Rubio 11.1%

​5. Carly Fiornia 3.0%

All Other Candidates Received <1%

Stop the Iran Deal Senator Blumenthal

You will see clearly why this ad will make a huge impact! Recently Campus Reform had a video on the web that made news about the Clinton's mansions (all 4 of them!!) and very few young people who they polled had any idea of just how rich the Clintons had become. In fact, most of their respondents thought that the mansions belonged to Marco Rubio! 

Now, this ad will cripple Hillary Clinton's attempt to "be for the little guy" like she pretends to be. This is step one in our much larger strategy--and we need you, as the Executive Producers, to do two things: 
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In Clinton's phony baloney interview yesterday on CNN, she telegraphed her strategy to marginalize her critics as the "vast right-wing conspiracy"--that is why we need to be there right from the start, responding to every lie she tells, with fact!  

This is a multi-faceted strategy: it will weaken Clinton now during a critical fundraising period, it will make her vulnerable to challengers in the Democrat party which will cause other Democrats to weaken her as well, thus doing some of our work for us. It will also erode her base of support and dispirit them while her campaign is ramping up. That is very important--we must make her supporters feel hopeless.

We frequently report to you that it is critical for us to get an early start because if we wait until next year it will make our work so much more difficult and costly. Now is the time and you can make a difference!  

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This is how we stop Obama's treacherous

Iran deal:

We need to put these Democrat Senators on notice, if they want to show their loyalty to Obama by selling out our nation then we will vote them out of office. This will work, we have done it before. All Democrats know this is a terrible deal, but they will support Obama unless we intervene. 

This new ad calls them out by name and says "if you vote for this bill YOU are responsible for the next deadly attack that Iran commits". Defeating Obama's treacherous Iran deal will not only be a huge victory for U.S. national security, it will begin the rally to bring America back!!

Right now we are targeting four Democrat Senators that are undecided on the Iran deal (when they say "undecided" they mean they are waiting to see what their constituents will let them get away with): -- Blumenthal (CT), Wyden (OR), Peters (MI), and Cardin (MD).  

You can listen to the Sentaor Blumenthal ad (BELOW). (The other ads targeting other Democrat Senators are the same, just with the name changed... You can hear ALL of the ads at our Youtube Channel HERE if you like)​​

Now we are fighting for our children--new radio ad needs to be heard everywhere in the nation.  


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